Monday, May 15, 2017

FREEBIE! Step-by-Step Number Formation Practice *Handwriting Printable*

Click here to download for free from the trusted website Teachers Pay Teachers.

In this resource, students learn number formation step by step, and then have room to practice on their own. Students may write directly on the sheet, or the pages can be inserted into plastic page protectors and written on with wet-erase-markers (see photo above).

Since formation is broken down step by step, this resource is also great for correcting formation in students who have bad habits and need to "relearn" how to correctly form certain numbers. They must complete each step in forming a number before going on to the next step

-One sheet for every two numbers 1-10. Handwriting lines are 1.25 inches.

NUMBER 9 HAS TWO VERSIONS, so that you can customize the resource to your classroom. Basically, version 1 has fewer strokes (compare to Handwriting Without Tears*).

TEACHING TIP: put sheets in page protectors, and let students practice with wet erase overhead transparency markers (such as Vis-A-Vis markers).

PRINTING NOTE: Set page sizing to "fit". (Practice pages should be printed in landscape orientation. Chart should be printed in portrait orientation.)

CREDITS: The penmanship font, HelloNoTears, is used under license from TpT store Hello Literacy. The handwriting lines were generously provided by TpT store Dancing Crayon Designs.

*This product is not endorsed by or associated with Handwriting Without Tears. Handwriting Without Tears is a registered trademark of No Tears Learning Inc.