Friday, July 31, 2015

Letter of the Week Crafts- Part I: A-F

Thank you for visiting my page about alphabet crafts.  Here are a few tips before you get started:

  • To get your child more excited about the craft, and to make it more of an educational activity, I recommend visiting the library ahead of time with your child to pick out and read a book about the craft topic.  For example, for letter C, you could read The Very Hungry Caterpillar (by Eric Carle), together.
  • For letter templates, I really like the free ones found on the Rubber Stamping website.

Letter A is for Ants

This is the set up: The kiddo colored some mailing label stickers black, to make the ants' bodies.  She also helped me cut "fringe" on the bottom piece of green construction paper to represent green grass.

Letter B is for Bumble Bee
This is great for beginners with scissors, as they can help cut out the bee's stripes.  This would also look cute with googly eyes and pompoms on the ends of the antennae.

Letter C is for Caterpillar
We had so much fun with caterpillars, that we decided to do two caterpillar crafts this week! 

The first caterpillar is made from felt and pompoms.  Since my little one is a novice with scissors, I did a lot of the cutting, while she did the gluing.  I started out by laying some pompoms out on paper to trace around them to make the pattern.  Then, I pinned the pattern to some felt and cut it out.  Please ignore my messy tracing.  For an older preschooler with more advanced cutting skills, you probably want to let them do the cutting, and make a nicer pattern for them!  I did the same with the leaf.  As a pattern, I traced a leaf from a page of Eric Carle's "Very Hungry Caterpillar."  

We used Elmer's nontoxic craft glue to glue the pompoms to the felt and the caterpillar is holding strong!  He is currently hanging on our fridge with all pompoms in tact.  The only thing I hot glued was the pipe cleaner.  For the pompoms on the antennae, my daughter just poked them onto the end of the pipe cleaners and they stayed in place.

For the second caterpillar, my daughter decorated office supply stickers and used those as the body of her caterpillar, and then drew on antennae and legs.

Letter D is for Dog
This felt puzzle can be taken apart and remade over and over!  My preschooler is having a lot of fun with this.

To cut the dog out, I mostly used the pattern I found on a blog called Miss Maren's Monkeys.  Click here for the pattern.  I adjusted the pattern a little by also cutting out some spots to make a Dalmatian.  Also, instead of cutting out the inner eye circle, I hot-glued large size google eyes onto the outer eye circles.  Miss Maren's pattern was originally for construction paper, but it works just as well with felt!  You can do it either way you like.  To make it easier to cut out the felt, I pinned the pattern pieces to the felt. 

Letter E is for Egg

This craft is fun because there are so many different ways you can do it!  You can decorate your egg anyway you want.  Glitter, rhinestones, color with markers, fingerpaint, etc.  Mine used water colors.  I also tried to use scotch tape to make it a tape-resist painting (I put scotch tape in the shape of a lower case "e" on the egg before my daughter painted, and then rubbed the paint off the scotch tape when it dried.  However, it's pretty hard to see!  Oh wells.  The kiddo had fun!)

The first step was to cut out the egg pattern.  We used a manila folder for the egg, but card stock would also work.  After my daughter was done painting the egg shapes,  I also taped a little extra paper onto the corner of the egg where the brass fastner attaches the two egg pieces and the background paper (we used purple construction paper).  

Letter F is for Fox

This week's letter had a pretty easy set up.  To prep, I got a couple of white feathers, and we colored the bottom red (using a non-washable red marker) and left the top white, so that it would look like the tail of a red fox.  The black nose is a craft pompom and the rest of the fox is construction paper.  My daughter used all purpose craft glue to attach the pompom nose, and regular old Elmer's school glue for the rest.

Check back every week as I will be adding a new letter craft every week!