Saturday, August 8, 2015

Alphabet Letter Font Sort: Preschool Printable

Alphabet Letter Sort


Click here to download the full font sort from my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Providing a print rich environment, as well as pointing out and discussing letters and signs in the environment with your child, is a key to developing early literacy skills.  However, various fonts, such as signs on buildings, or even in some books, can be confusing.  I created this free printable to help  your child learn to sort and identify different letters of the alphabet as well as to learn to recognize different fonts (including a variety of serif and san-serif fonts). 

I started out using this as an activity to help my daughter practice sorting lower and uppercase versions of the same letters.  This printable can also be used to sort different letters, especially ones that might be confusing for your child (such as capital "M" and "W," or lower case "b" and "d").  As your child progresses, you can also use this to have them sort vowels vs. consonants.